A comedic star has risen from the urban totalitarian seriousness of Singapore with the trail blazing tracks of Fakkah Fuzz. In the past six years the bald and bearded man of comedy has been delivering heavyweight punch lines all across the globe.

A feature at 2019’s Melbourne’s International Comedy Festival saw him cement a decade of gut cramping style – and swag – that are coupled with the weight of experience under his belt. Only in the previous year of 2018, he phenomenally sold out Esplande’s (Singapore) 2000 seater Theatre with the Unmarried show. Fuzz’s capability to sell out a show in Singapore as a born and bred stand up comedian from the tropical metropolis was expected , when in 2017 he was the only Singaporean comedian to have his own Netflix special Almost Banned, garnering buzz from critiques, critics and kopitiam critters alike.

Chiming in for a chuckle in Laugh Factory’s Funniest Person in the World competition in Hollywood, Los Angeles (2016) – earning him a top 5 result – as well as the Laugh Festival in Hong Kong (2019), prompted Beat, Australia to recognise his ‘risque commentary and goofy mannerism’ as a brilliant way to close off Comedy Zone Asia at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival by ‘..giving a snapshot of an experience that’s uniquely Singaporean.’

Making big strides as a stand up comedian come with great laughs for Fuzz, as he heads into 2020 with The More Better Podcast series – stomping his way from one bigger spot lit stage to the next.